What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the global disrupter beginning to emerge in the marketplace. It is the silent force of change that nobody sees coming until it is already here. With fiat currencies in an unstable state and as printing presses continue to print, Bitcoin is there waiting, but what is bitcoin? Read more


Business Opportunities

Buy or Sell a Business
View bitcoin businesses for sale or list yours... Read more

Bitcoin Angels
Need seed money? Want to invest in new opportunities? Learn more

Learn to Convert
Take advantage of currency conversion and erupting markets. Read more

Currency Watch
Keep an eye on digital currency against all the current major currencies. Read more

Business Services

Bitcoin Exchange
On the way in, on the way up and on the way down. Read more

BTC Marketing
The Bitcoin crowd is a new breed. Digital coming of age in today's world to become tomorrow's leaders. Learn more

Payment Systems
This category will grow but one or two companies are getting a foothold. Read more

Transition Management
If you don't take bitcoin, you better take a look. This is a snowball. Read more


Contract Mining
Mining is an expensive proposition but you can still get your share... Read more

Miner Hosting
Don't know where the plug is? Don't let that stop you. Learn more

Mining Vendors
Review of all the mining vendors, pre-orders, the best and the worst. Read more

Mining Support
Need help getting to the right support channel? We will help if we can. Read more


Future of Bitcoin
What drives Bitcoin today and what will currency technology look like tomorrow? Read more

BTC Integration
Digital currency will be assimilated into the world economy and become mainstream between now and... Read more

New Technology
Passing fad or the new world order? What is the new technology and where are we going? Read more

On the Horizon
Take a look at some of the things in store as technoloy moves at the speed of light. Read more

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What our clients say...

BitBoxy.com is a global site with a unique concept of community and sharing. Our site is, like Bitcoin, in its infancy so please bear with us as we grow (twitter: #bitboxy). The winds of the economic world are changing and we are facing turbulent weather ahead as a currency, an economy and as a nation. Things will not look the same in 5 years and I firmly belive that digital currency is a new foundation. BitBoxy is just a start. This is your community so please feel free to contribute. I am excited to see how we grow together.

Joel Phillips, Founder

From the blog

  • Who Takes Bitcoin?

    September 8th, 2013

    There is a new project underway called whotakescoin.com that is open for everyone to list their business if they take some form of digital currency. The project allows users to enter one business listing for free and will answer the question, "Who Takes Bitcoin?" Read more

  • Bitcoin isn't just for kids anymore

    September 11th, 2013

    What used to be a hobby has turned into a billion dollar industry and it is just getting started. Bitcoin is just one form of digital currency and it is starting to grow up. Either you will be on board or you will be left behind. Read more

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