About Us

Who Takes Coin

Based in California, USA, Proshark is a full service technology company focused on marketing in today's high-speed environment by leveraging software and mobile application design and development, web services and marketing, data aggregation, mining and management coupled with strategic initiatives to deliver a holistic and results-oriented approach to driving business and client base to new levels through superior perception and interpretation of company performance and service delivery.

Meet The Team

Joel Phillips


Over 30 years of management, technology and marketing experience are what drives Joel to excellence and to an understanding that success is directly related to service and value is derived from results.

Bill Arant

SVP Operations

Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table with more than 30 years experience with channel marketing and a passion for delivering market share through excellence and ownership.

John Baron

VP Client Relations

Client Relations is more than just a title to John, it is a passion and a way of life. Delivering beyond expectations is a daily driver and the shortest path to success. It is a requirement, not an option.

Our Beliefs

The world is a fluid place and sometimes it is difficult to find your footing when it comes to creating a company image and managing public perceptions in the marketplace. One way to create a position of strength when the target keeps moving is by selecting a partner who is rock-solid in their fundamentals and who understands the landscape surrounding your organization. We are that rock-solid partner because we build our foundation on our core beliefs.

  • Always be open with the client and present all sides of a solution whether positive or negative. It is always better to lose a customer for the right reasons than to try to keep them for the wrong reasons. They will leave anyway.
  • Clients are not clients, they are partners. They will be invested in our health if we are completely invested in their success.
  • People simply want good value for their money. We will always strive to deliver more than the client has paid for and always deliver it on time. Communication is the key to a successful partnership.

Our Vision

To become a world-class IT Services organization by delivering committment, integrity and excellence to clients around the corner and around the world.

Our Mission

ProShark is a global technology marketing firm providing support, exposure and solutions to thousands of organizations. We are developers, engineers, analysts, strategists, consultants, marketers, teachers and leaders working to make a positive impact on those around us and driving the force of change. We are not content with the box and believe there is a better and more socially responsible way to achieve our goals, give back to our communities and develop products and innovative technologies.

Our Goal

ProShark is here to help each and every client on an individual basis drive to the next level by using data, technology, strategy and social influence as tools to open doors. We will develop and implement solutions that create opportunities where they did not exist before. Regardless of the client starting point, crisis, stagnation or growth, our committment is to deliver strategy and technology to positively impact the position and interpretation of an organization. We understand the strength of social perception and will deliver change through influence.

Integrity and Innovation

We know solutions don't always fit neatly in the boxes offered today. Our expertise is agility and innovation - delivering solutions that do not already exist. At ProShark, we will deliver innovation with integrity giving you the confidence to step boldly and to provide unique solutions to your clients giving you the competitive advantage that determines the difference between business life and death.

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