ProShark Career Center

Ready to do something a little different?

ProShark Men in FieldWell we never thought it would come to this but here we are, at a crossroads. On the one hand you are looking at staying where you are, being comfortable, even if it isn't your 'dream' job. That's okay. You can stay there because we aren't looking for people who are comfortable. We want dynamic individuals, sometimes maybe a little different. The kind of person who is ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work. We are looking for people who understand what it takes to build a 'different' kind of organization. It is okay if you are average, but don't expect to stay that way if you come to work here. We expect infinite fanaticism when it comes to clients, relationships and technology in that order.

Perhaps you are a tech fanatic and can't wait to get your hands on the latest and greatest, maybe you can't sit still because you are always doing something new, important and bigger than life, if your head is about to explode with all the ideas you have floating around - you are the person we want to talk to. If you are a dreamer, great. Please apply but remember there is a difference bethween dreamers and wishers so be ready to execute. We are looking for energetic go getters any age, any background, any anything to dynamically fill the positions we have available.

Marketing Technologist (Multiple Positions) - A phrase coined by our own CEO, Marketing Technologist is the backbone of our organization and is a term used to describe a person or position who continuously executes toward the union of marketing with the use or adaptation of technology. We aren't looking for salespeople, we are looking for people with a driving passion for solving problems who know how to close. Please don't mistake the word 'close' for pushy, obnoxious and overbearing. We don't need that because our products and services sell themselves.

We want people who aren't afraid to ask. They aren't afraid to ask the client for the sale and they aren't afraid to ask for help in solving problems. They are team players, but they are also confident enough to hold their own in the battlefield of business. These individuals will be working with business owners, CEO's, marketing directors, ad agencies and more to develop client media strategies with budgets from non-existent per year to multi-million plus. The key to the position is that it is simple really, you will be responsible for revenue generation and client satisfaction while we positively impact their bottom line and for your successful efforts you will be richly rewarded.Apply Online