Future of Bitcoin

Future of Bitcoin

Here is where we explore the future of Bitcoin as it is adopted into mainstream. Some say the digital currency will be assimilated into the world economy within the next 2 years and some say that 2019 is the pivotal point where the unit of payment will be either integrated as a mainstream transactional unit or it will die.

We will look at the rate of adoption as well as some of the points of payment in this section. Also, does Bitcoin make sense as a way to take care of your daily business? A lot of businesses are beginning to think so and the groundswell is growing as more and more people become frustrated with fiat currencies around the globe.

...here are some other points you may want to consider:

The Bitcoin community started roughly 4 years ago by a magical, mystical individual named Satoshi Nakamoto. Many say that Satoshi doesn't really exist and that the name is actually a pseudonym for a group of developers who gathered to create an anonymous cryptocurrency that did not share the drawbacks of fiat currencies. The primary differential is that Bitcoin is finite. No matter what, there will not be more than 21 million full units in circulation ever and this number will be reached around 2140.

As a mainstream currency, what does Bitcoin look like and how is it different from other currencies. Plain and simple, it is electronic in nature, easily divisible and completely transportable. As the site grows and the currency expands, we will continue to explore ways to benefit and participate.

In the Futuer of Bitcoins section of the site we cover the following;

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